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Wherever the sun goes Sungo Beverages will be there. Now in stores near you.


About Sungo

Sungo “Bebida Fresca’s” showcase the Flavors of Latin Americas with” Sun-drenched Fruit, Delightfully Sparkling Water, With No Added Sugar” as highlighted on our labels. The sweetness of the fruit with semi exotic flavor combinations achieves the right balance for customers who prefer beverages that are refreshing and creative which is a new and emerging trend.

Sungo Beverages represent alternatives to sugar and preservative laden sodas and we provide consumers with new and exotic, over 70% percent fruit combinations, with simple fruit flavors

Sungo Fruit Beverages combine the life source of the Sun and the energy and vitality the sun provides for the body

GO WITH THE SUN wherever the sun goes, Sungo Beverages will be there soon, starting in Northern California.

PassionFruit Orange Drink

Passion Fruit with Orange

Delicate passion fruit in a tangy citrus blend

Hibiscus Raspberry Drink

Hibiscus with Raspberry

Luscious ripe raspberries with a light floral essence

Mango Tangerine Drink

Mango with Tangerine

Sweet tropical mango with a hint of tangerine

Pineapple Lime Drink

Pineapple with Lime

Freshly sliced pineapple with a splash of lime

The first all-natural fruit drink that captures the exotic flavors of Latin America

A delicious alternative for today’s health-conscious consumers

Pineapple beverage flavor

Naturally sweetened — no added sugar
Over 70% fruit juice in refreshing tropical blends
Made with non-GMO ingredients

Lime beverage flavor

Loaded with pure energy from the sun
Delightfully sparkling
Nutritious — a perfect on-the-go drink for all ages.

Orange beverage flavor

No preservatives
Quality ingredients sourced locally, regionally and internationally
Locally owned company based in Healdsburg, CA

Wherever the sun goes, Sungo will be there.

Sungo Beverages follows the sun around the globe to tropical regions where exotic fruits and flora are grown. We source new varieties of fruit that are the perfect complement to our simple, pure, sparkling fruit drinks.

Never too sweet, with just the right balance of mango, passion fruit, lime, pineapple and other delicious flavors.

Go with the Sun!

Sungo fruit beverages combine the life source of the Sun with the energy and vitality that sun-ripened fruit provides for the body. Delicious, lightly carbonated alternatives to sugar- and preservative-laden sodas, Sungo all-natural beverages are made with non-GMO ingredients.

Where to Buy

Big Johns Healdsburg
Sheltons Healdsburg
Safeway Healdsburg

Pacific Market


Olivers Market Windsor
Safeway Windsor

Safeway Rohnert Park


Safeway 4th Street
Safeway Mendocino
Safeway Rincon Br
Pacific Market Santa Rosa
Molsberry Mkt Larkfield Santa Rosa
Wine Country Deli Melita Rd
Olivers Market Montecito
Olivers Market Stony Point
Mendoza Market Piner
Mendoza Market Sebastopol RD


1833 N. Texas St.

1550 North Ben Maddox Way

1177 Fresno Street
5671 E. Kings Canyon Rd

San Jose
1539 Parkmoor Avenue
5510 Monterey Highway
1972 Tully Road
3002 Story Road

Santa Rosa
2055 Sebastopol Road

6000 Lindhurst Avenue

1235 Airport Park Blvd.

1465 Main St.

27300 Hesperian Blvd.

1845 Countryside Lane

San Pablo
13220 San Pablo Avenue

Santa Maria
1870 North Broadway

4400 Ming Avenue

1751 Monument Blvd

1300 W. Olive Ave.

Company Info


Sungo will continue research to develop new formulas with other herbs, fruit, and flora, to complement and enhance new fruit flavors and respond quickly to changing consumer preferences and market trends, in the process our objective in the next five years is to become certified organic.
We source only non GMO ingredients, and our next label will indicate non GMO certification.

Starting s with past and projected relationship with Whole Foods. Sungo’s strategy is to market and promote extensively in Northern California and the Northwest, establishing brand recognition, “owning its territory”, followed by Sungo’s goal to distribute its products nationwide and internationally within the next five years.

Sungo LLC has trademarked its entries in this exciting food and beverage category and will detail its business plan strategy forecast, as we have in our beverage plan, profit and margin analysis for future planned projections.

INVESTMENT TYPE - LLC Member Percentage. Founded 2011 , Restructured in  2014 from S Corporation to LLC.

George Demiris – Manager
Tel: 707-758-7551

Heather Daily – VP Marketing
Tel: 707-483-7205


Sungo represent Latin America inspired slightly carbonated Bebida Fresca beverages that are all natural, sugar free, except from the sweetness of the sun drenched fruit with semi exotic flavor combinations. Sungo has created drinks that combine the life-source of the sun and the energy and vitality the sun creates for the body.


Sungo Spirit Mixers, Brighten up your fun Day

Simple Mixes

Just add Ice, stir, add a squeeze of lime if you prefer, just the right balance... Sungo Flavors will do the rest.

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